Thursday, September 3, 2009

Andrew Square Mural Almost Done!

If you’re out and about in Southie on Labor Day weekend … take a look at the mural I’ve been involved in at Andrew Square. The Andrew Square Civic Association commissioned it and its members have helped in the painting. The theme is the Andrew ‘T’ Station and the Street Cars, circa 1940. The mural is almost completed … It will be finished for Labor Day. Being basically a watercolorist (largest sheet has been 22 inches by 30 inches) I never painted anything near this huge anywhere at any time and it has been a blast. It’s 31 ½ feet wide and 9 feet high. Check it out … the garage wall in the small parking lot of the convenience store on the corner of Preble Street and the square. Photo of the uncompleted painting was taken yesterday (Wednesday).

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