Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Off to the White House

Today, Tuesday, December 2, I’m off to a reception at the White House. Yep, That’s right … the ‘White House’. It’s not that I’m trying to get there before Obama does … but … I was … uh … there’s a … hmm … like every year … alright … let me start from the beginning.

Back in September I was asked if I would like to paint an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree. Duh …let me think …

Of course I said yes. This idea is sponsored by George W’s wife … Laura Bush and each congressional district in the country can propose an artist. Thank ya … Congressman Steve Lynch

So in the mail comes a large shiny silver ball … about 5 ½ inches in diameter.

Note … this is a shiny silver ball. It’s like painting on a toaster. I’m a watercolorist. It doesn’t work. Rolls right off like a ball of mercury.

So I have to switch to acrylics. This is a kind of paint that I can hardly spell mush less use well. But after much thought and planning … I decided on Southie as a theme. It's not a Christmassy thing ... but what better to represent the 6th Congressional District then portraying Southie’s Castle Island and the people who enjoy it. See the images below.

So I did the acrylic thing with people circling the fort and sent it off. And today … tuh-dah … I’m off to D.C. Thanks again to Stephen Lynch and the lovely Margaret.

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